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Maintenance Contract Details

Proper maintenance and cleaning of the mechanical parts of an appliance can prolong its life and dependability.  We can help with that.  For $299 a year, we will come to your home and do all the heavy lifting for you.  Our annual Maintenance Contract includes:

  • Washer:  Check function of washer, check for fault codes, clean the pump screen and use a washer cleaner to clean the inside of the drum. *Make any repairs needed.

  • Dryer:  Check function of dryer, pull dryer apart and inspect all parts, clean the inside of the dryer and clean or replace vent pipe.  *Make any repairs needed.

  • Range:  Check function of oven, test oven temperature and adjust if necessary.  *Make any repairs needed.

  • Dishwasher:  Check function of dishwasher, check for fault codes, clean filters and use a dishwasher cleaner to clean all internal parts.  *Make any repairs needed. 

  • Refrigerator:  Check function of refrigerator, clean condenser and compressor compartment and test temperature.  *Make any repairs needed.


As a contract holder, any repairs needed throughout the calendar year will be performed with no service charge.  Customer only expected to pay a $50 labor charge and a discounted price on any necessary parts.

* Customer only responsible for the price of parts.

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